My Funny Valentine’s Night!

ASB Valentine's Night

My Funny Valentine’s Night!

What’s Up Thread-heads?

Just thought I would change it up a bit tonight and do something that I wouldn’t normally do via this forum.  I promised a Facebook Group that I would Blog for Valentine’s Night since this is the most important aspect of the Hallmark Holiday.  I wanted to give you a glimpse into an offering I am introducing shortly called Real Freaky Tales.

Don’t worry I won’t push it via this particular vehicle, as I want to keep my Mother-ship Blog steadied on one goal… But I don’t have to be so rigid all the time.  This is an Almost Secret Society, and I like to do more than just promote monetary solutions.  I would like to dabble in pushing personal solutions for the overall well-being of your Physical and Spiritual self

This being said I will give you a quickie R.F.T. (Real Freaky Tale).

In the coming weeks you will see me promote the Erotic eBook Series but for now I will just wet your whistle… I will keep it a bit more tame as I don’t want to lose my standing with Google for giving you too much for the mortal mind!  

So let me just get you off subliminally and I will let the eBooks get you there more vividly!  It’s also best if you Play the Soundtrack as you Read… It’s here on 8tracks.com!

Valentine’s Night from CF Hutton on 8tracks.

She walked in the home completely relaxed and with a huge smile on her face…

The Limo had just dropped her home from a day of pampering, courtesy of her “Dude”.  Yet she hasn’t seen him all day.  She knows he is waiting patiently at home… probably with dinner ready and a night full of pleasure planned.  As she walks thru the Foyer she can hear the Barry White playing in the background as she approaches the dimly lit living room.  She coyly smiles and continues the trek down the long corridor. 

She knows he’s waiting so she brings her pace down to slow sexy stroll.  You can see the Moonlight illuminating the backdrop of the large living room, as you can get a postcard view courtesy of the Huge Floor to Ceiling Windows that stretch 15 feet in the air.  Still in her Trench Coat & Six Inch Heels, fresh from her shopping spree.  It’s been a special day for her and she knows what he wants… “Men are not complicated… they are so easy to please…” she thinks to herself.

He awaits her in the Posh Living room… Button-Down Shirt undone, showing his Bare Chest, with Tequila Shots in hand, as he listens to the sexy click of those Heels coming down the hallway!  …He planned this day perfectly!  She started the day with Rose Pedals on the floorLimo & Driver to take her to work… Flowers delivered to the office… Later on she received an Edibles Arrangement so that she could share with her Co-Workers… She left work early to make a Half-Day Full Spa Appointment… Then shopping at a Sexy Boutique… Now to him for Dinner and Romance!  Or so it would seem!

Hell… I’ve done my job!” he says to himself with an affirmative and confident head nod… “It’s time for the Big Payoff…” he continues to himself.   She Enters the Room… she sees a few lit candles and the Fire Place going strong.  The next song on the Mix CD plays, its Avant… “She Loves Avant… This should get it poppin!” he thinks to himself. 

She approaches and uses her hand to caress his chest.  Then she makes her way along his arm to grab the tall shot of 1800 Tequila.  She downs it like a well-seasoned vet!  He smiles as he slams his shot.

She alluringly unties her belt from her trench coat and twirls it around her wrists a couple of times as to impose the presence of impatient, but patient sexual frustration.  She finally decides as she raises her right arm to grab a handful of bicep and swings her slave around to face the wall… he does so accordingly as to play, a little, into the act… but still remain stiff enough to let her know she’s dealing with a Man and he has an ego!

Will he let you dominate?

She uses her Trench-Belt to bound his arms behind him from the bicep down to the wrist!  He thinks to himself…Hmm …”  once she finishes binding him she again pushes him against the nearby wall as a bit of roughhousing ensues.  He laughs and again says to himself again… “Hmm… I wonder if this broad realizes that I won’t be dominated!  I did what I did today so that I could dominate!  If this sh*t doesn’t work out as planned… my brother is going to kill me!”

What he means is that… This is not just any woman… It certainly isn’t his… This is one of his brother’s ladies… and his brother really likes her too!  This seeming betrayal adds to the atmosphere to Sexual Tension.  Why isn’t she with the other brother this evening?  Because he blew her off to be with his Main Lady!  There were no commitments broken… just none planned either… So she is feeling Revenge… of a Very Personal and Dangerous kind!

This brother did a lot to get in this situation too!  He flirted with this young lady, on more than one occasion, as his brother’s back was turned… They snuck in a few stray gazes and even a kiss or two!  Now it was the day of the Big Payoff/Payback!  All of this anticipation and sneaking around just to be in this moment right here and right now!  She turns him around and falls to her knees to pleasure the man!  He enjoys the service as her skills would rival that of Super Head any day!

(Deleted Explicative that You Would Find in The Full Edition of R.F.T’s)

She backs off of him to finally open her trench to unveil her Spandex and Patent Leather Dominatrix Outfit!  And she has a crop!  What the f#ck have I gotten myself into?  She’s not about to beat the Hell Outta Me with that whip…” says the mind of man that just received his first lash as punishment for bewilderment.

This Bi#ch is Crazy man!” He again speaks to himself. “…But if she wants to play I will go along with it just to see how far she is going to take this!”

He’s unties the loosely knotted wraps around his arm… He walks toward her while continuing to unravel the long Trench Belt… she whacks him across the chest… as he moves forward looking as if he is in a slow stampede.  The room is wide enough to reverse pace several steps before you even reach the other wall… so she whacks him again and shouts “Halt”… he stops looks at his now reddening chest and looks up at her confident smirk and finally says…

The Safe-Word is Banana-nut!

He then again marches toward her like a slave in revolt… and extends his arm toward her, to grab her by the neck, right before her back finally slams into wall as if to announce they were now on the opposite side of the room.

He slams her into the wall a second time, to ensure her back absorbed the thud it made when it first hit.  He tightens his grip around her neck… strong enough to choke… but a gauged pressure, as to not impaleHer smile is more sadistic now as she grasps for air… he releases her now to turn her nose against the wall!  He makes her reach for the sky as her arms aim upward with her palms on the wall. 

He slowly reaches toward the small of his back where his belt camouflages a Blade! He removes the blade to rub it across her cheeks… then across her nipples… and then across the rim of her panty line… she enjoys it!  Now down to the rear of the G-string, where he uses the sharp blade to cut the panties off!

He enters her from behind…

(Deleted Explicative that You Would Find in the Full Editions of R.F.T.’s)

They finish “The Session”… 25 minutes flat with 10 minutes in Foreplay… Total 35 minutes..

Sexual Tension… built up within the last 13 hours

The Reward of the Experience…


Well at least until he tells his brother about what he’s done here!

He laughs to himself…

She, is looking quite content in her own right, with a big ticking time-bomb in her back pocket, she feels justified!  He says to her as they pull themselves together…“Let’s Eat!… I’m Hungry!”

They both laugh coyly

End of this story or to be continued??

But what happens next when the brother finds out?  If you want to know the Epilogue to this R.F.T. then comment on this post and I will email it to you!

And be on the lookout for the announcements of the Launch of the Full Uncensored Editions of the Series…

Hope You had a Happy Valentine’s Night you Freaks!

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  • February 15, 2012

    Off the Top…:::Bravo::: I really enjoyed this Freaky Tail of Domination and Seduction all Rolled up into one sexy storyline..My Hat goes off to CF for always having me Wet with anticipation and on the edge of my seat, with his Sexual and Mind Blowing Stories…Forever Your 1# Fan Victrice-Exotic-Popper Willis

    • February 16, 2012

      Wow! I don’t know if I am so deserving of this praise but thanks Sexy V!

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